Ghosts Of The Air

A thrilling day at the East Fortune Airshow provided numerous photographs but my favourite amongst them was this – the derelict skeleton of the flight command building, standing like a great forgotten monolith amongst the ears of barley filling a lonely field.

Taking an image of an ancient plane, which flew as part of the airshow, I brought the two together, before transforming the final image into a deep sepia, reflecting something of the era of that plane and the command centre.

Man In The Hidden Garden

A montage shot, I liked this scene of the Hidden Garden at the Tramway Theatre in Glasgow. But it needed a human figure so this gentleman, photographed on the streets of New York, was added in.

Really, the image was an experimentation in processing and, particularly, in the use of control points in Silver Efex Pro – using these to draw the attention of the viewer to the parts I wanted them to focus on.

Broken Glass, Ailsa Criag

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Broken Glass, Ailsa Craig - ©

Broken Glass, Ailsa Craig - ©

This is a shot from my recent trip to the Ailsa Craig and it’s wonderful old lighthouse. It’s been sitting on my computer desktop for a few weeks until I could process it in a way that I liked. I wanted something with subdued tones, and which said something of the loneliness of the place, and I feel this image goes some way toward achieving that.

Cambusnethan Priory

Cambusnethan Priory - ©

Cambusnethan Priory - ©

Cambusnethan Priory was originally built in 1819, as a replacement for an earlier manor house, which burned down ten years before the Priory was completed; and this manor house was built close to the site of the original Norman tower house which had stood on the site. The priory is one of the few remaining examples of early 19th Century gothic mansions, and an even rarer example of the semi-religious style of architecture.

Sadly, the Priory is now nothing more than a ruined shell, a lingering memory of better days and of the glorious house it once was. Visiting today, it was sad to see the terrible state of disrepair in which the mansion now stands. The barest remnants remain of the upper floors and the original oak staircases, which once bore the crest of the Lockhart family. Even the pinacles have had to be removed for fear of them falling.

The images here tries to capture something of the desolation of the house, the brooding sky bemoaning the ruination of the place.

Save Me

Save Me - ©

Save Me - ©

Of all the images I made on my recent trip to the old mansion, this one was perhaps the creepiest. The figure of the decapitated Mummy was standing at an ancient sink, it’s taps covered in dust and cobwebs, and written on the mirror were the words “Save Me”. Close by, on the wall to the left, someone had written “Hell”. This was my final shot of the day before leaving the house.