Very much an experimental image, this portrait was made at the Edinburgh Festival, the subject being one of the many street performers to be found there.

The point of the image was nothing more than to extract the subject from the background, which was far too messy, and to isolate him against a cleaner background. This was the result of that.


This was really nothing more than experimentation with a new masking technique I was trying out. Although I’m reasonably pleased with the image, I feel it still needs a little work in some areas – or rather, I need a little more practice with the technique. That said, not bad for a first attempt.

Never For Ever

I had the pleasure of seeing the band ‘Never For Ever‘, a Kate Bush tribute act, at The Ferry in Glasgow at the weekend.

Penny, the singer with the group is pictured here while singing ‘Wuthering Heights’ as the finale of the show, which was very good.

I liked this image for a number of reasons – firstly, because it was very reminiscent of Kate Bush herself singing the same song; and also because the final treatment I gave the image produced the ‘old postcard’ look I wanted, which suited the song and the ethereality of the performance.

Arria Afire

An afternoon out with the camera eventually led me to re-visiting the Arria sculpture in Cumbernauld.

Having photographed her previously, I wanted to try something different so I used my iPhone to make an image of her.

Later, I processed this image on the iPhone, using several editing apps such as Artists Touch, Scratch Cam and Photo Toaster. This was the resulting image.

Man In The Hidden Garden

A montage shot, I liked this scene of the Hidden Garden at the Tramway Theatre in Glasgow. But it needed a human figure so this gentleman, photographed on the streets of New York, was added in.

Really, the image was an experimentation in processing and, particularly, in the use of control points in Silver Efex Pro – using these to draw the attention of the viewer to the parts I wanted them to focus on.