Man In The Hidden Garden

A montage shot, I liked this scene of the Hidden Garden at the Tramway Theatre in Glasgow. But it needed a human figure so this gentleman, photographed on the streets of New York, was added in.

Really, the image was an experimentation in processing and, particularly, in the use of control points in Silver Efex Pro – using these to draw the attention of the viewer to the parts I wanted them to focus on.

Deep Sea World

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I visited North Queensferry yesterday and while there, I went into Deep Sea World.

Because of the low light levels inside, using my SLR wasn’t a viable option so instead, I made some images with my iPhone. Most of them suffered from blurring because the marine creatures were swimming all around (and above) me.

However, this little fellow sat very still while I made this portrait of him. I’ll post it here for no reason except that I like the image and the lighting.

Be My Valentine

This image began life as a simple photograph of a napkin on a restaurant table, captured with my iPhone. Everything else after that point was processing using a couple of editing apps.

It isn’t intended to be a serious or artistic image, it was simply a moment of fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Cups and Candle, Winter Afternoon

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Unable to go out and make some photographs because of the weather, I was forced to stay inside and make do with what I had around me. The rest was a straight-forward image of two cups and a candle on a stand.

The real fun came when I began to process the image, adding layers and textures, giving the image a particular feel. The difficulty was knowing when to stop.

Couple, Times Square

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Walking through Times Square in New York, vast crowds of people were milling about. In the midst of all the hustle, this couple had decided to take a moment out and they sat down at a small table on the street and then simply watched the world go by.