Long Exposure

Man In The Hidden Garden

A montage shot, I liked this scene of the Hidden Garden at the Tramway Theatre in Glasgow. But it needed a human figure so this gentleman, photographed on the streets of New York, was added in.

Really, the image was an experimentation in processing and, particularly, in the use of control points in Silver Efex Pro – using these to draw the attention of the viewer to the parts I wanted them to focus on.

Still Waters

Another image from the trip to Glasgow the other evening. Here, I was struck by how very still the waters of the river were, with barely a ripple to be seen. I liked the way the illumination of the Clyde Arc continually changed colour – red, at the time I made this exposure.

Toward Portencross

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Toward Portencross - © willomailley.com
Toward Portencross – © willomailley.com


After leaving Irvine, I drove on to Portencross – one of my favourite photography locations. Unusually, I didn’t settle on the pier itself; instead, I walked on along the rocky shoreline which ultimately leads to Hunterston. Finding a good spot, I made this long exposure of two and half minutes.



Curvalicious - © willomailley.com
Curvalicious – © willomailley.com


Along with the pronounced angles, the other good thing about the Riverside Museum are the curves – these seem to do something wonderful with the light, which brings the building to life. And even on a dull day, those curves produce some wonderful shades and tones.

This was a two minute exposure on the right facade of the museum.


Riverside Return


Angles, Riverside Museum - © willomailley.com

Angles, Riverside Museum - © willomailley.com

I returned to the Riverside Museum last night to try to get some more images of the astonishing building.

Because of the metallic skin, the building looks very good in monochrome, which suits me perfectly; it was also a good evening for some long exposure work, so I combined the two and produced this image.

I like the very graphic feel of the museum seen from this angle.