Moe Rocksmoore: Hi Will. Thank you for visiting my studio and for taking my portrait, I love your work!

Dave Todd: I stumbled upon your work searching for monochrome photography and have to express my appreciation for your shot of St Mungo’s Cathedral. Kudos on truly stunning work, Will.

Bill Hogg: Will, Many thanks for your nice comments on my website. Your website is great with very stylish images of very high quality. I look forward to seeing more of your work.  Best wishes, Bill Hogg

Mary Frances: Will, just checked out your pictures from New York – wow! They are amazing. I especially love the newstand image and the 9/11 memorial.

Gayle Murphy: I love your pics of New York, William! Gorgeous. You’re very gifted.

Lisa Murphy: Not what I expected at all…. although I do not know what I expected! Amazing images, each with real depth and soul. I love the overall contemporary feel, not only with regard to the images but also your website. I would like to see these images in print…exhibition???

Robert Hendry: Really enjoyed looking through your galleries. Especially liked ‘Bells Bridge’ and the black & white candids – you are certainly developing your own individual style in this niche. It’s really nice to see so many images in black & white on your site and the fact that you are publishing them on your blog with your thoughts. Apart from showcasing your work, this kind of work definately gives you more focus, drive and allows you inspire others with their photography. Look forward to seeing more of your work when I next visit and hope you get a chance to add more shots to your dereliction gallery – it would be nice to get out sometime on a shoot together!

Jim Sterling: Thank you for being an inspiration to me for the design and layout of your web site. I have been in photography – traditional for 36 years and digital for 10. Your images are stunning and each one was a complete joy to look at. Ansel Adams said once that “anyone can look at a photo, but only a few look into the photo”. I will return often to see what images you allow us to look into.

Gavin Ross: Stunning.

Joel Meyerowitz: We are all connected and especially in the small world of photography so it’s important to keep the tradition alive.

Duncan Chisholm: Hi Will. Just had a look at the blog. Excellent! It’s great to hear the story behind the shots. Really brings them closer to me when I view them.

Chris Bonnington: Just been having a look through your web site; it’s looking great, I do love that watercolour painting style image of the cathedral. Your portfolio has really come on and your descriptions of the various places put you well on the way to creating a great photography book!

Stuart Lamont: Your photography has taken a big step forward over the past couple of months. You have produced some really interesting images. You are developing a technique of your very own which you can only be commended for. I’ve also noticed that your success rate is more consistent and that’s when you know when someone is improving.

David Dalziel: What an excellent showcase Will. A great variety of images which not only stand out on their own but made even more enjoyable with the stories behind the image in Arena. I also enjoy reading your thoughts in your blog. Keep them coming! Lot’s of inspiring images but the one I wish I had taken is ‘Silent Echo’ – Superb!

Karen Reid: I love the pictures, I’m really impressed. I love the whole atmosphere of it. I’m blown away.

Rob Wilkins: Showed your website to a friend tonight and she was very impressed – but no more then I always am! The collection grows ever more impressive! Really, your photographs are very special. They are always thoughtfully composed, though I don’t think that’s necessarily the hardest thing to achieve. They have much more than this. The best word I can come up with to describe your photographs is “saturated”. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, they are all completley filled, no gaps, nothing more wanted or needed. A story in themselves.

Catherine Hall: Wonderful, wonderful stuff – just goes to show the difference between being a photographer and taking photos!

Corinna Muller: You’re giving us a chance to experience something really wonderful, a world that we all see every day, but seen with your eyes, the eyes of an artist. And your view is so much more beautiful! You add magic to the ordinary world. It’s very generous of you to share!

Paula Lawrence: Just took a tour of your new site, Will. I think you’ve accomplished what you wanted. It does have a more spacious feel and a really nice layout. well done :)

Leonard Thomson: Just had a look at your new website, I find it inspiring to say the least. The photographs are fantastic but your ramblings and warblings coupled with detailing your workflow and listing the technical information make it all the more magnificent. I’m not very articulate so please read ramblings and warblings as a compliment in the spirit it was intended as I also enjoy your writing style very much. I totally get what you are talking about re serendipity. I love the way you describe your outings (and the unexpected events that occur). Meeting new people, forcing yourself out the door in any direction, or researching a wee bit first, to look for new views on what we see as everyday things – taken for granted. As a keen amateur photographer there is truly a lot for me to learn here and I will be visiting your site regularly so thank you very much for sharing.

Anne Marie McLean: Hi Will congrats on your wonderfull photos you truly have a special insight. Loving the different aspects of your work. I especially like the one of your dad.  Keep up the fab work. You should also put a web shop on your page so that people can purchase them.

Jim Stevenson: Hi Will. Some very nice stuff. It has a contemporary feel. We tend to be a bit stuck in the past sometimes – things can move slowly in the Club environment. Hope you got some worthwhile material at the Festival.

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