Thinking Outside The Box

One of the remaining ‘Occupy’ protestors, this man had taken up residence on The High Line, New York’s elevated skypark in the Meatpacking / Chelsea district. His objective was to get passers-by to ‘think outside the box’, whilst he remained in his.

The man pictured here is Mr David Everitt-Carlson. His official website has this thought-provoking poem by Mr Vincent J Tomeo

What can an artist do with a cardboard box occupying Wall Street?
He can put things into the box
He can think outside the box
The box can become a work of art
The box can become a sign of protest
He can occupy the box..


Sometimes, the simplest actions can have profound effects.


  1. David Everitt-Carlson
    23 October 2012

    Brilliant shot & Photoshop! Thank you:)


  2. willomailley
    25 October 2012

    And brilliant protest :)


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