Black, Gold, Abstract

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This is a recreation of a shot I have made on a couple of occasions previously. These are the doors of the lower level of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow, which have always struck me by their very abstract quality.

On this occasion I chose a wider shot than I normally would, before deepening the saturation in post-processing.

I liked the way the warm golden tones contrasted against the cold black of the foreground grooves.


Guggenheim Circles

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Guggenheim Circles -  willomailley.com

Guggenheim Circles - willomailley.com

Don’t go to the Guggeheim on a Thursday. It’s closed. Discovering this, I did still manage to get a single shot inside the gift shop, with which I was pleased. But this was the one I was really after, so I made a second trip – on a Friday – and got the shot.

Abstract, Armadillo Roof

Abstract, Armadillo Roof - © willomailley.com

Abstract, Armadillo Roof - © willomailley.com

A quick trip down to the Riverside the other evening left me with a handful of images, this one amongst them. I wasn’t hugely impressed with the images I made and while this was the best of them, I’m not certain the composition and crop here really show the architecture to it’s best advantage. That said, I did like the tonation of the image here. I suspect I’ll end up recropping and reprocessing the image to see if I can improve on it further.

Arc Abstract

Arc Abstract - © willomailley.com

Arc Abstract - © willomailley.com

At the end of the evening I spent photographing the River Clyde and some of it’s bridges, these was lovely late evening light falling across the arc of the Squinty Bridge. I decided it would make a good abstract shot. Although the arc itself is pure white, the light caused it to glow a magnificent orange colour; while it was lovely, it wasn’t what I was looking for in terms of colour, so I converted this image to monochrome and found it more pleasing.


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Photosynthesis - © willomailley.com

Photosynthesis - © willomailley.com

This was part of an intriguing exhibition on photosynthesis at the British Museum in London. Fascinating though it was, I was more attracted to the photographic possibilities it offered. This part of the display had a very abstract and graphic feel and I really wanted to photograph it. Interesting in the original colour version, conversion to monochrome really made the bold shapes stand out.