Dusk, Toward Arran

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Dusk, Toward Arran - ©

Dusk, Toward Arran - ©

The evening I made this image, I had spent around six hours on this beach. Within the first hour, I had decided that what I wanted was a dusk shot, so I began the waiting game. And it was worth it. As dusk began to fall, the light changed dramatically, the colours in the sky lit up and reflected beautifully on the moving water, catching the crests of the waves and painting them with flecks of molten gold. I had been photographing out to sea when I happened to look round and saw these two men walking out on the quayside. Praying they would stand still long enough for me to make a good exposure, I was delighted that they did, and the image was made.

The Dying Of The Day

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The Dying Of The Day - ©

The Dying Of The Day - ©

..We went up to the top of the highest hill and stopped
It was just so beautiful..
This is where the shadows come to play twixt the day
And night
Dancing and skipping
Along a chink of light..

– Kate Bush  ‘Somewhere In Between’

Arran Storm

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Arran Storm - ©

Arran Storm - ©

I drove to one of my favourite locations this afternoon. Portencross is a tiny little hamlet on the Ayrshire coast, just along from Seamill. There isn’t really much there apart from a fantastic shoreline, a derelict pier and a recently renovated castle, originally built in the 1300s. Be that as it may, I seem to go back there time after time.

Today, I really wanted some long exposure shots more than anything. Usually I would photograph the pier and Northbank Cottage, once the scene of a very nasty murder. Today, it was the rocks, the crashing waves and the amazingly stormy sky.

As I stood looking out across the sea, there was a huge storm brewing above the Isle of Arran. In between rain storms, I managed to make a few images. This was my favourite amongst them. The exposure was around two minutes, which gave some lovely movement to the sky and to the water – although it may seem it was calm, it was anything but – the waves were ferocious; however, the long exposure has smoothed out the water and belies the reality of the scene.

Seascape II

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Seascape II - ©

Seascape II - ©

I made this long exposure image on the west coast at Portencross. The light was beautiful, with golden shards slashing the deep blue of the sky above the Isle of Arran, and it seemed to me that it deserved to be captured.

Sunset Toward Arran

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Sunset Toward Arran - ©

Sunset Toward Arran - ©

It looks so peaceful in this image. Yet at the time I made the image, those waves were quite ferocious; and as I was standing out on the rocks at Portencross on the very edge of the sea, I had to be very careful. The land mass in the upper left of the image is the Isle of Arran and the sun was setting above it, which was incredibly beautiful. The exposure for this image lasted several minutes, which is why the water has taken on that misty look and smoothed out in the way it has done. The reality was somewhat different. I would have liked the rocks on the lower right to have been better exposed but any longer and the sky would have burned out – and the sky was very much the star of the show here.