Between Brushstrokes

My third annual trip to the Merchant City Festival gave me this portrait of artist Moe Rocksmoore, who paints astonishing pictures in oils, her canvases alive with colour. Based at The Briggait, Moe has a love of skies and has recently begun exploring elements of Venice and Florence, following trips there.

Moe very kindly stopped painting for a few moments in order for me to make this portrait – my thanks to her for that.

The Picture Framer

Winter is a very creative time; not necessarily as a result of creating new images but certainly by means of going back through the archives and trying new things with older images.

This was such an image.

Created originally a year ago, it depicts the picture framer standing in his studio in Glasgow. I reprocessed the image on my iPhone after transferring a copy of the original file. I used a couple of small apps for the processing – Artists Touch and PhotoCopier.

Ceramics, By Nicola

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Ceramics, By Nicola - ©

Ceramics, By Nicola - ©

When I visited the re-opening of the Briggait last year, I had the pleasure of speaking with artist Nicola Atkinson, who creates some wonderful ceramics (amongst other art forms).  I met Nicola again recently during the Merchant City Festival, when she once more very kindly allowed me to photograph some of her work.

Back To Back

Back To Back - ©

Back To Back - ©

Looking back through my archives, I see that I now have something of a collection of chair photographs. Individual chairs. Pairs. Chairs in derelict places. Chairs in the wrong places. Chairs where you expect them, but untouched in years. Chairs of all sorts. This is the most recent addition to the collection.

This image was made in The Briggait during the Merchant City Festival. It was in one of the artists studios and I liked the contrast in size between the two chairs, together with the tones of the scene. Converting the image to monochrome and then doing a little work on the tones in Photoshop, and the image was done.

Guitar, In Silence

Guitar, In Silence - ©

Guitar, In Silence - ©

Visiting the Merchant City Festival in Glasgow this weekend, I ended up at the Briggait. This former fish market is now home to various artists studios – and during the Festival, these are opened to the public. I met some wonderful people there, had some fascinating conversations and learned much about various ways of creating art, from painting through to ceramics.

Amongst the wonderful things I saw, there was this scene in one studio; the room was filled with oil paintings and yet what really attracted me was this guitar, resting silently on an old red sofa. Something about the scene reminded me of paintings I have seen in the past and so I wanted to capture what I was seeing, along with something of the memory and emotion it stirred in me. This image was the result of that inspiration.