Never For Ever

I had the pleasure of seeing the band ‘Never For Ever‘, a Kate Bush tribute act, at The Ferry in Glasgow at the weekend.

Penny, the singer with the group is pictured here while singing ‘Wuthering Heights’ as the finale of the show, which was very good.

I liked this image for a number of reasons – firstly, because it was very reminiscent of Kate Bush herself singing the same song; and also because the final treatment I gave the image produced the ‘old postcard’ look I wanted, which suited the song and the ethereality of the performance.

Underside, Kingston Bridge

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On a club outing into Glasgow, several of the River Clyde Bridges became the focus of attention and the subject of numerous images. Passing under the Kingston Bridge – not the most attractive of structures – I quite liked this unusual view.

This image was a composite of three separate exposures, combined in Photomatix before being processed in PhotoShop.

Despite the warm colours of the image, it was utterly freezing!

The Picture Framer

Winter is a very creative time; not necessarily as a result of creating new images but certainly by means of going back through the archives and trying new things with older images.

This was such an image.

Created originally a year ago, it depicts the picture framer standing in his studio in Glasgow. I reprocessed the image on my iPhone after transferring a copy of the original file. I used a couple of small apps for the processing – Artists Touch and PhotoCopier.

River Clyde

River Clyde - ©

River Clyde - ©

A friday evening trip to the riverside allowed me to make some nice long exposure images in the golden light of the late evening. Unusually for me, this very wide shot of the River Clyde was one of them – I don’t usually shoot as wide as this but I did like this image.

Quiet Moment

Quiet Moment - ©

Quiet Moment - ©

I saw this lady sitting in the Kibble Palace, reading her book. Although the place was filled with people, she was lost in the forest of words on the page in front of her. I don’t know if she was a student, a tourist, or local; but regardless of that, she was enjoying her solitary and quiet moment.