Beach, In Blue And Gold

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This image began with one idea but then became something entirely different as I processed it. Initially wanting to include a larger element in the foreground, I realised the image needed nothing else and worked well as it was. I liked the combination of the blue and the gold colours, which always work well together.

The final image is comprised of two separate images – one of the sky and the other of the beach. At the processing stage, the trick was blending the two together in a reasonable way. The figures on the beach were retained as they gave a sense of scale, and also acted as a point of interest upon which the eye can rest.

Out Of Context

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Belhaven Bay is undoubtedly very beautiful. The trouble is, every time I go there, it seems to be swathed in dense fog.

Today, for example, the temperature across the entire United Kingdom was around 25 degrees – and yet, on Belhaven Bay, visibility was around four feet because of the thick coastal fog.

That fog is the reason why this photographer seems entirely out of context – it removed the context and the background; although, I have to say I don’t mind the final image it gave me.

Deep Sea World

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I visited North Queensferry yesterday and while there, I went into Deep Sea World.

Because of the low light levels inside, using my SLR wasn’t a viable option so instead, I made some images with my iPhone. Most of them suffered from blurring because the marine creatures were swimming all around (and above) me.

However, this little fellow sat very still while I made this portrait of him. I’ll post it here for no reason except that I like the image and the lighting.

Be My Valentine

This image began life as a simple photograph of a napkin on a restaurant table, captured with my iPhone. Everything else after that point was processing using a couple of editing apps.

It isn’t intended to be a serious or artistic image, it was simply a moment of fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The Picture Framer

Winter is a very creative time; not necessarily as a result of creating new images but certainly by means of going back through the archives and trying new things with older images.

This was such an image.

Created originally a year ago, it depicts the picture framer standing in his studio in Glasgow. I reprocessed the image on my iPhone after transferring a copy of the original file. I used a couple of small apps for the processing – Artists Touch and PhotoCopier.