This was really nothing more than experimentation with a new masking technique I was trying out. Although I’m reasonably pleased with the image, I feel it still needs a little work in some areas – or rather, I need a little more practice with the technique. That said, not bad for a first attempt.

Festival Smile

Festival Smile - ©

Festival Smile - ©

The single best thing about the Edinburgh Festival is the opportunity for making portraits. This man very kindly let me make this image of him, which I wanted to keep very simple and unadulterated. His quiet smile was very appealing, as was the tilt of his head. A little toning and some levels adjustment, and the image was done.

Art Installation, Summerlee

Art Installation, Summerlee - ©

Art Installation, Summerlee - ©

Visiting Summerlee yesterday, I was pleased to find there was an interesting photography and art exhibition, courtesy of PhotoMedia Studios, who have a studio at Summerlee. Encompassing various photographic themes, the prints on display were actually very good and I was pleased to see two pieces by a friend of mine at my Camera Club, Joanne Deas.  Amongst the work being exhibited, there was an art installation which was an audiovisual look-back at the history of the local area.

The installation was contained within a small booth, in which were four chairs. This immediately attracted my interest and I considered this might make an interesting image in it’s own right.

Cambusnethan Priory

Cambusnethan Priory - ©

Cambusnethan Priory - ©

Cambusnethan Priory was originally built in 1819, as a replacement for an earlier manor house, which burned down ten years before the Priory was completed; and this manor house was built close to the site of the original Norman tower house which had stood on the site. The priory is one of the few remaining examples of early 19th Century gothic mansions, and an even rarer example of the semi-religious style of architecture.

Sadly, the Priory is now nothing more than a ruined shell, a lingering memory of better days and of the glorious house it once was. Visiting today, it was sad to see the terrible state of disrepair in which the mansion now stands. The barest remnants remain of the upper floors and the original oak staircases, which once bore the crest of the Lockhart family. Even the pinacles have had to be removed for fear of them falling.

The images here tries to capture something of the desolation of the house, the brooding sky bemoaning the ruination of the place.


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metropolis - ©
metropolis – ©

During my London trip, I used the tube system a lot, as most visitors undoubtedly do. And there, in the midst of numerous Victorian stations, I found myself in this one. Unlike the others, this had a very futuristic feel to it – and, as someone noted on seeing the image, it was reminiscent of a scene from Fritz Lang’s 1927 film, Metropolis. Converting the image to monochrome accentuated the shapes and the tones of the image.

Thanks to G, without whom I would not have been there to see this.