Very much an experimental image, this portrait was made at the Edinburgh Festival, the subject being one of the many street performers to be found there.

The point of the image was nothing more than to extract the subject from the background, which was far too messy, and to isolate him against a cleaner background. This was the result of that.


This was really nothing more than experimentation with a new masking technique I was trying out. Although I’m reasonably pleased with the image, I feel it still needs a little work in some areas – or rather, I need a little more practice with the technique. That said, not bad for a first attempt.

The Picture Framer

Winter is a very creative time; not necessarily as a result of creating new images but certainly by means of going back through the archives and trying new things with older images.

This was such an image.

Created originally a year ago, it depicts the picture framer standing in his studio in Glasgow. I reprocessed the image on my iPhone after transferring a copy of the original file. I used a couple of small apps for the processing – Artists Touch and PhotoCopier.

Festival Smile

Festival Smile - © willomailley.com

Festival Smile - © willomailley.com

The single best thing about the Edinburgh Festival is the opportunity for making portraits. This man very kindly let me make this image of him, which I wanted to keep very simple and unadulterated. His quiet smile was very appealing, as was the tilt of his head. A little toning and some levels adjustment, and the image was done.

Woman, With Pearl Earrings

Woman, With Pearl Earrings - © willomailley.com

Woman, With Pearl Earrings - © willomailley.com

Having been through at the Edinburgh Festival for each of the last three days, this is really the only image I have been pleased with so far. There was something very entrancing about the expression on the face of this woman as I made this image. She had a very distant, far away, look in her eyes – and this was accentuated by her gazing out of the frame. Making this image, I couldn’t help wonder what she was thinking about.